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Things to think about:

  1. Move your money (divestment)
    Ensure accounts, investments and pensions are not with banks who invest in fossil fuels. It is clear that these companies will not stop unless there is no demand for their products.


  2. Switch to 100% renewable energy
    Change energy provider to one that provides energy from wind, solar and other non-fossil fuel sources, you can also buy renewable gas.


  3. Choose greener transport options
    This is a big source of carbon emissions for most businesses; cut down, switch to electric if possible.  A long-haul flight can double an individuals carbon footprint for the year so consider passing on work to a more local company or committing to a defined travel radius from your place of work.


  4. Carbon off-set - but do it with caution
    It's better than nothing but question it's credentials and make sure you're investing your money in something worthwhile. 

    Remember, it's not an excuse to keep on polluting, better just to stop polluting!

Keeping fossil fuels in the ground is the most clear-cut way to reduce carbon emissions.


Fossil fuels include things like petrol, diesel, fuel oil for ships, aeroplane fuel and gas for central heating and cooking. Burning these fuels releases carbon dioxide, that was locked up under the ground for millions of years, back into the atmosphere. We know we have to switch to greener solutions like solar power, wind and tidal energy at some point, so let’s do it now before it’s too late.

Will you join us?