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Things to think about:

1. Get the fossil fuels out of your life. It is clear that these companies will not stop unless there is no demand for their products.

2. Carbon offsetting, it's better than nothing but I would question it's credentials and make sure you're investing your money in something worthwhile that will actually happen and actually have some benefit. It's not an excuse to keep on polluting, better just to stop polluting!

3. Transport - this is a big source of carbon emissions for most businesses, cut down, switch to electric if possible and consider passing on work to a more local company or committing to a defined travel radius from your place of work.


We are a multi-disciplinary group of landscape professionals and tradespeople who are concerned about the climate and biodiversity emergency and want to transform our industry so that it is fit for a low carbon future. 

We believe that our industry has the ability to generate solutions which will help in the fight against climate change and improve outcomes for biodiversity.

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